Sunday, July 22, 2007

Summer Day

Summer days are meant for backyard lounging and snacking. Between the sandbox and the swingset, Paige and Brooke did some reading homework and then enjoyed some fruit and crackers.

Chantze wasn't here on this day, so he missed seeing and hearing the big hawk that sat in the neighbor's yard all day and made a racket. We also saw a bunny and ate some raspberries from the bushes. But the next day he came and earned some money for a Trac phone by using the weed whacker and watering the plants.

On the Way to Montague One Day

I don't think any explanation is necessary here.

Debbie and Lyda

For those of you who didn't get to meet them this time, here is Debbie and Lyda (formerly Reddings, now with married names.) This was taken at the airport, as Debbie had to cut her visit short due to severe back problems. Linda came too, but I didn't get a picture of her. They rented a really cool cottage on Lake Michigan and we had some wonderful visits. We spent some time at Val's around the fire and went on some joyrides, too! Of course we visited a restaurant here and there. But the very best part was just being with them and visiting about past, present, and future. Many a night we stayed up late talking about things that no one here would remember or understand. It was really special. That's why we consider them more sisters and long lost family instead of just friends. Anyway, they had to go back. Yesterday I received a huge basket bursting with fresh cut flowers from them to thank me for my hospitality. The gratitude is mine for being able to reconnect with them.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Fourth of July. Family, park, picnic, and fireworks made it such a special day. Aunt Jamie kept the kids busy with "Mother May I?" and "Red Light, Green Light" to which she added "Gray Light." We had sandwiches and pizza. We walked up the hill to Wesco and brought back hot coffee. Just before dusk, a thick fog rolled in from White Lake but cleared by the time the fireworks started.
There was apple juice, water, coffee, punch, beer, pretzels, every kind of chip, cheese popcorn, and peanut butter cookies to keep the troops quiet for the several hours we were there. Getting there early paid off, as we got easy nearby parking, a spot close to the bathroom, and a perfect view.

Grace and Emily watched the fireworks with their Dad and Grandma somewhere in Whitehall but we didn't run into them. Scott and Barb Sarazen brought their daughters, two with boyfriends, and Ray Redding wandered over to visit with his daughter and stepdaughter. We ran into a few more people there we knew.

This was our family fourth of July get-together at Goodrich Park in Whitehall. Ray has lost about 40 pounds since spring so he didn't mind me taking this picture of him enjoying one of the many servings of junk food Jamie brought to feed the flock! Oh, and did I mention Scott Sarazen made a run to Little Ceasers? That's Cindy with a breadstick.

Grace graduated from elementary school and will be going into middle school next fall! She and her mother and Chris went to a formal banquet to celebrate the fifth graders turning into sixth graders. She looks so grown up in her formal dress! And beautiful, too.

Jamie and Aaron went to her friend's wedding on HER birthday! She was Maid of Honor. So this was all should know this by now....MAY 25, 2007.

A Major Update!

Wayne and Mike's Birthday Party

Um, don't ask what was going on. We had fun. People got crazy. You know how it is.