Monday, March 19, 2007

Grace's Fifth Grade Play

Here are two scenes from the Emperor's New Clothes. In the first scene, Grandma berates Peter for his lazy ways while Mother (Grace) sticks up for him.
Peter has to go make his way in the world to prove to everyone how clever and able he is. Mother believes in her son, and is sad to see him go.
This play was actually recommended for high school students, or junior high. But Mr. K, the drama coach, believed in his students and ordered this play against the advice of the suppliers. And his faith was rewarded, because in spite of the level of difficulty, they all did a phenomenal job!

The Emperor's New Clothes Cast Pic

This is Samantha, Grace, and Loren, otherwise known as "The Baker," "Peter's Mother," and "Peter." The play was fun to watch. lots of drama and laughs!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Friday Fun With Ronald

Brooke and Paige get to spend time with the other Grandma (That's Me)! It was so much fun to have them with me when we went to see Grace in a play. But first things first, we had to grab a bite to eat, and I just happened to know a McDonald's where the kid's seats are made out of plastic cheeseburgers. The girls gave their jackets and "stuff" to Ronald to keep an eye on while we sat at the little table, with smaller than Grandma-butt sized cheeseburger seats. While they were dining, Brooke told me they have a new "Lose weight thing" at their house. And she told me, "You need to come and try it!" Oh, I gave up hamburger for Lent so I was good, I didn't even sneak one of their fries or nuggets! Those smiles tell it all.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bad Will

Okay, so I have a few extra minutes before I had to be at the school to pick up G & E. I remember this Goodwill store on the corner I've always wanted to check out. So I go in, and kind of hurry through and get a really nice pair of leather gloves, lined with faux sheepskin, for a buck fifty. So next time I have a few extra minutes I go in again. This time I find the cutest little picture frame for a buck fifty. It looked brand new, so I bought it. It had seashells on it, starfish, and was a sand color. It would match something I had at home. So I pay a buck fifty. Tonight I was looking through my "stuff" and I found the frame wrapped in newspaper. I smiled, and unwrapped it so I could look at it again. And there on the back, on the label, were those words I never expected to see: DOLLAR TREE.


Sunday, March 04, 2007

March Moon

You had to be there, maybe, to appreciate it. Jamie and Danny drove me down Sherman Blvd. to see this beautiful March moon rising in the east. No picture could do justice to it. It was awesome.

This is Weird

I download my camera pictures to Picasa and edit them. When I saw a picture that was almost all black, I was going to delete it, but was curious about the pale image. So I cropped it down and this is the image that was left. Eerie, huh? I am still trying to find the original, which has already been deleted from my camera. All I can tell you is that there were dots of light in it, most likely from the mirror ball at Jumpin' Jupiter.

The Eagles Have Landed

As promised, I have kept an eye on Mona Lake for the migrating eagles. And a few days ago, Brandie, Grace, Emily and I saw four in a tree next to Mona Lake as I was driving them home. Today, Fritz and I were in the same area and saw a big eagle sitting on the ice. I pulled over on the busy freeway and slogged through knee-deep snow in anklets and loafers to try to get a shot, but it didn't turn out. So we tried driving to the other side of the lake. We spotted this fellow in a tree. I can't tell what kind of raptor it is, except it appeared to me to be a golden eagle, not especially a large one, but it was very hard to see. The image you are looking at was cropped out of a much larger field. Well, there may be snow and cold, but the eagles have landed!

Saturday, March 03, 2007


For any of you Red Eye fans out there, this next weekend the band will be throwin' it down at a new place: Deano's on Apple Avenue...yes, it is a country hang-out. Word on the street is that they were initially scheduled to play at MiBar, but someone told the owner they were for the older rock n' roll they got moved to the owner's other establishment, which used to be Deano's and may still be, who cares, just be there. Bring your dancin' shoes and leave the ball and chain at home. (: > ). Play your cards right, you might even get a DD!

Seeing Is Believing

These crocus sprouted up about 5 days ago, on a cool, rainy late winter day. Today, the cool has turned to cold, and to look outside at the blowing snow, you would think we were deep in January. But these bright green harbingers of spring tell me to snuggle in that downy comforter a while longer. Drink diet Swiss Miss with a dash of cinnamon. Turn off the electronics and listen to the wild wind grinding snow against the house. Enjoy it while I can.