Monday, June 22, 2009

The Luau!

Family tradition: When the Squire boys' birthday month rolls around, it's party time. This year Margie and Mike hosted a luau, and if you don't think those grass skirts and bras looked cute on the guys, take a look! ! I would've taken more pictures but there were people there I didn't know very well. Val and I did a royal fire dance for the chieftains (Michigan legal fireworks suck, by the way. They wouldn't even set dune grass on fire...) and we also enjoyed a cozy bonfire outside with sparkly patio lights as a backdrop. Margie made frozen Margaritas, and we had fun telling jokes and scary stories. Oh, did I mention the food? It was great! Kudos to the cooks!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

WSDA Recital

Emily posed for us after the recital.

Hip Hop Happiness!

Up in the dark balcony, it was hard to get a good video but I think Emily (front and center most of the time) did a great job, it was fun to watch!