Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Birthday Squishees and Wedgies

What does a birthday have to do with squishees and wedgies? Well, when two special little girls like Brooke and Paige celebrate their upcoming 7th birthday, the happy happy joy joy is hard to control! Although I must say Aunt Jamie did her part to foment chaos. There are more cute pictures but Blogger only let me upload these few. So, there is Emily getting a wedgie. Ray and kids squished by Jamie and her minions. Dancing to sparkler lights out on the concrete driveway pad on a very warm October 6 night.
The macarena, the Casper slide, and some great freefrom stuff. Limbo and pin the tail on the donkey rounded out the games. Cindy and Ray made some great decorations and served some very good party food, including a pasta salad that was a standout. The cake was lovely, and Brooke and Paige couldn't get enough of opening presents and playing with them. May all their birthday wishes come true!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Birthday Dinner at Finley's

This is Valerie on September 16, 2007, her birthday! Jamie, Fritz, Laura, and I celebrated with her at Finley's where they not only serve good food, they take a ten spot off the bill if you go on on your birthday! A good time was had by all.
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If cats could talk.....
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Paige, Brooke, Emily and I were at the park near the ovals when the Kaye Barker was leaving port. It was great to watch until we were blasted by the ridiculously loud horn!
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After the rain

It was great listening to the rain on the metal roof of the van as I sat down by Lake Michigan and watched the storm come in. Then the grand finale, a rainbow to the east, over Muskegon Lake.
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