Monday, June 30, 2008

Girls Gettin Jiggy in the Van

On the way to the zoo, the girls were jammin' to the Irish music Ray played. Grace isn't shown and I think Chantze was pretending to sleep.

A Bold Bird and a Crazy Cat

A robin whose nest was nearby tortured our poor kitty by flying at the window. Mother Robin did this about 20 times a day, even when it was very late and dark out.

Friday, June 27, 2008

A Momentous, Unforgettable, Landmark Moment

The moment we have all been waiting for! (Besides Laura's wedding to Chris!)

It's HERE. The FIRST! One of many to come. The first family copy of Beacons Of Tomorrow, featuring an award winning story by Ray Veen.

I am not allowed to open it because it is Jamie's copy. I am ordering mine today. (Pay Day).

Meanwhile, I had to leave the breezeway door open to make room for my head.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Wild Animals At John Ball Park Zoo

This immature species of Eliatot Cat has behavior that often fluctuates between contented and unpredictable. Zookkeepers warn visitors not to tease or withold food from this animal. Even though it is small, it is powerful, and its screams may shatter ear drums at close range. Fortunately, when all its needs are met, this animal can also be adorable and makes an excellent pet once house-trained. We were lucky to see this wild creature today, as it usually is in the nursery with its younger sister.

These innocent looking wild animals are kept behind bars for the safety of the public. If these little bunnies get loose, they are known to gang up on their victims with their paws, loud cries, and teary eyes, until they get what they want, which is their favorite food, McDonald kibbles and bits. Alone, they are quiet and well-behaved, but together, they can wear you down quickly. When not hungry, they play games together that no one else can understand.

One of the most rare exhibits was this wild young Blushing Fawn. Often running ahead of the pack, teasing the pelicans with fake food, climbing rails and berms, and pushing buttons meant for handicapped visitors to open doors, this creature is hard to spot. Fortunately, I happened to catch this one as it captured a wild chicken. Since this animal only eats various forms of pasta, it later let the chicken go and ran off to climb a wall.

These lovely and lively creatures are Ado-less-sense Chicks. They always travel in chattering groups and can often be found grooming their feathers, or helping other Chicks groom theirs. Clucking and flapping their wings are common, especially when any
male species are present. Their diet is spotty, sometimes consuming great quantities, other times eating little or nothing. They are prone to health problems, including infections called "Zits" and tend to lose their bright plumage when fully grown. Separating the Chicks, especially at this age,
may sometimes lead to begging and exces
sive calling. They later evolve into Mall Chicks.

This red-butted long-haired howler monkey is known for it's funny antics, especially around other monkeys. With it's distinctive sport shoe aroma and sugar and meat diet, it also is known for its skills in compassionately managing small, noisy creatures known as Eliatots. It is camera-shy, as you can see by the ugly face it is making to scare off potential picture-taking visitors.

Not shown: grandparent and parent animals.

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Mexican Fiesta to Celebrate Squire Birthdays

The pictures pretty much tell the story. Tacos, tequila, music, a crackling fire, 15 minutes of rain to clear the air, and a party that went til after 3:00 A.M. Great company and some really good harmonies! Val and Margie with a little help from me threw another memorable bash.