Friday, January 25, 2008

Laura's Birthday Shots

Here are a couple shots of Laura I really like. It was her birthday, and Jamie, Val, and I took her out to a place with live music. Little sister Jamie made sure the shots were flowing, and Laura was glowing! It was very enjoyable, especially because I was the designated driver and didn't have to drink any nasty Yagerbombs, or however you spell them. Anyway, Laura doesn't look her age, which I always forget how old she is, because to me she is ageless.
By the way, be looking for more birthday shots as there have been several the past two months, I am a little behind in posting. Okay, I'm a big behind. You get the picture.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A New Beginning and an Unexpected Loss

From left to right:
Walter Larson and wife Katie
Jim Larson and new wife Joanne
Ethel Horton, my Grandma

I am sure many of you will be surprised at how young my Mom was when she married Jim. I was 18 and living in California, so I was not able to attend the wedding and reception. It was the last family event my Grandma Horton attended. She wasn't feeling well at the reception. Shortly afterward, she was admitted to the hospital with a leaking aneurysm, and then passed away. I didn't know when I left for California that I would never see my Grandma again. The day I got married, she had me go into the bathroom with her. I thought that was odd. Then she gave me $20. and told me to save it in case I needed it for emergencies. She hinted that I wasn't to tell my new husband about it. I guess she knew I was headed for a rocky road, bless her heart. So I never saw her after that. She didn't get to see or know about my firstborn. She was a very good person and a good Grandma. I still miss her.

Yes, Mom wore a wig, I am not sure why. But I can tell you that she and Jim made quite a striking pair. When I was at Connie Geistel's wedding reception, Mom and Jim walked in wearing very nice outfits they had worn on a date. They were there to pick me up. Well, everyone's head turned. They all thought Mom and Jim were movie stars or celebrities. It was pretty neat to be able to say, "Oh, no, that's just my Mom and stepdad."

Monday, January 14, 2008


It was a typical Wednesday when I pick up Grace, Emily, and sometimes Brandie, and we spend the evening doing whatever. This week, Hailie and Molly came, too, and Jamie came to dinner. We watched video of when Hailie was about 3, and then practiced line dancing. We also made brownies and ate them. It was fun! It got mildly wild, but I think we all slept good that night.

The Good Old Days Ain't Over

I was looking at some older pictures and ran across this one. This was my birthday, say maybe 5 or so years ago.....anyway, when you look at the faces, you realize the old gang is still together. Matter of fact, we were together last night at Old World doing karaoke! Ken and LuWanna didn't make it, we hadn't even met Margie yet, and there are two people in the picture that aren't friends anymore. But hey, ain't we got fun!?
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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

WARNING: These posts not suitable for easily disturbed readers.

The New Year's Eve bash had a Mexican flavor, with many great south of the border favorites. Most did not imbibe, but all toasted the new year when the ball dropped in Times Square. As this and the following entry show, there was more to the night than great food, great people, music, and lots of laughter. Also present were Laura and Chris, who came later after Jack's closed, and Ken and Luwanna. Man Candy Chris never showed up at all as he was on duty at the Country Club.

Weirdest New Year Ever

Mike and Margie threw a fine New Year's Ever party for the family and friends. Music and conversation were stimulating and fun. Then Mike dragged out the Eyeclops. A 200X magnification device you hook up to your tv. After examining and exclaiming over salt, sugar, carpet fibers, etc, Wayne decided to explore a crevice in the skin of his cheek that he claims has been there since birth. This is what he found. Some laughed, some stared, some gagged, others averted their eyes, but no one could remain unaffected by the sight of heretofore unforeseen inner body dross. Me, I was fascinated. What finally got me, worse even than a magnification of Mike's post-surgical toe gore, was when Wayne scratched off a scab under 200X magnification and the resulting crater filled with pink fluid. In the middle of my hysterical laughter I gagged. (Note the diabolical and yet proud grin on his face. )
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