Thursday, April 16, 2009

Getting A Cast

That's Dr. Moulton putting on the first layers of my cast. The grandkids said I should get a purple one, except for Paige, who said I should get a glow in the dark one. Hmmm....tough choice, but I went with purple.
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Friday, April 03, 2009

Fun With Blogs

Okay, here we go again, another "Did I or Didn't I?" The winner this year gets something special made by me.

1. While living in California, I once walked to a Dutch restaurant and ordered a cup of coffee. At that time I took cream and sugar in my coffee. They gave me a fork instead of a spoon and I was so mad and disappointed because I couldn't spoon the sugar out of the container!

2. I went dump-picking as a child, when my Dad would take our monthly load to the dump. I found and ate mints that had a candy coating (wrapped.)

3. I once used a floor tile I found to stick down the front of my tailored shorts to make my tummy appear flatter.

4. My English teacher in 7th grade was really mean. So I wrote a bunch of insults on a paper napkin and when the students filed out of the room, I made sure I was last and stuck it in a file drawer so it hung out. Then I lingered outside the door after she went back in. I heard her crying when she read it.

5. Urged on by a friend, I once ate an already chewed piece of gum that we found frozen to the bottom of a teeter totter. My friend said she would give me two dollars, but she never did!

6. I hid under my sister's bed so I could hear her gossip with her friend. After a while I had to pee, but they were still awake, so I had to pee on myself and the stuff that was under the bed, including a school library book. A few days later when my Mom made us clean our rooms, it was obvious what happened and my sister got blamed for it and got yelled at.

7. I once skipped school in a school bus that was parked in back of a repair shop. My feet got cold so I took those rolled gauze bandages out of the first aid kit, and used it to wrap my feet in and took a nap.

8. My cousin and I were asked to babysit for a neighbor who had a 5-month old baby. It was so pale and ugly, we put mascara on it's eyes.

9. I made this blog post because I lost my good camera and haven't had the desire to take any new pictures with my new camera because the last ones didn't turn out very well. So I lost my photographer's confidence and don't have any cool pics to put on here.

10. I like the smell of rank weeds and muck.