Friday, August 29, 2008

A Few Highlights of Summer (More to Come!)

Okay, we didn't blow it up, but it sure was fun to try. Oh, Paige did blow it up this summer but I didn't have a video of it!

Being inexperienced phone camera-wise, didn't realize you can't turn the phone sideways to get that wide-angle shot unless your viewers want to crane their necks sideways as well. But at least the first part is good!

Chantze's Baptism

Grandma toes, Grace toes, Brandie toes.

Damon and Robin came, also Jamie. The fire was hot, the marshmallows were burnt, and the mosquitoes only got a bite or two that beautiful summer night. Ray strummed guitar and sometimes we sang, sometimes we just listened. It was a perfect way to spend an August evening.

I can't remember if I have blogged this video before, but it's one of my summer favorites. One hot day, when I was in Grand Haven, Chris offered to let the girls come and swim in the pool at the Spring Lake Holiday Inn. The girls had a blast, and invented this "synchronized dive."

Brooke and Paige


Hailie seldom lets herself be seen when she is less than gorgeous.....that is why I get such a kick out of this photo! Here she is without her eye make-up. Tee hee!

American Integrity Blows Her Horn While Scouts Cheer

You can barely see them, but you may be able to hear them. Turn up the volume! When the scouts visiting the Silversides saw the ginormous American Integrity come through the channel, they hollered very loudly....

Monday, August 25, 2008

On a Sunny Day with Friends

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This is only a test

The last few times I tried working on my blog, I had problems getting pictures and video. Guess it's working now. So onwards and upwards, good soldiers!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Go With God Dear Friend

I guess everyone has heard by now that our friend Ken has passed away. Most of us are still in shock. We never saw it coming. LuWanna, our hearts go out to you. I don't know why such things happen. It seems you have had more than your share of troubles these past couple years, but this is unthinkable and unforeseeable. And unreal. I can picture Ken so clearly, and remember his voice, the one he used for telling jokes. So many memories. His crazy Halloween costumes. Those huge aluminum foil pans filled to the brim with his own special recipe lasagne that practically became his trademark offering at our gatherings. That half-embarassed half-naughty grin when he sang one of his off-color songs. He looked pretty natty in his leather jacket, carrying karaoke discs, with a twinkle in his blue eyes when he saw "the gang" sitting around the table in some old bar. Of course we will miss him in so many ways. I don't know why such things happen, and I don't have any answers. But I do know that LuWanna is our friend and I know I speak for others when I say we will be here for her in any way we can be.