Monday, September 29, 2008

Lazy Mamacita Finally Updates Blog

Val's birthday party was really fun! We made our own party hats and Val won for creativity. Fritz was a great sport and wore his all night. Scott made his own spectacles and made a spectacle out of himself! It was great hearing everyone sing, especially Val's last song, "Proud Mary." The place was rockin'! We had chocolate cake with peanut butter flavored chocolate frosting and some rainbow chip cupcakes. Val got some very nice presents and some hilarious cards. Having the younger generation there was nice, too. One of the best things to happen is that Val booked Red Eye an October 17 gig there! There was only one injury, Barb bit Jamie (again) leaving vampire tooth marks on her. But all in all it was a great time and so good to see everyone.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Thank you for your prayers, folks. I have good news and bad news. Sara Sarazen is doing better and is home. It does look like she will enjoy a full recovery and we couldn't be happier about that.

However, sadly, Linda passed away today, her heart failed. Her family, especially Jamie and her dad, could use your good vibes right now. I knew Linda in high school, she was really, really cool and all my friends liked her and looked up to her. The guys were crazy about her, because she was fun to be around, a real great personality. She was in a motorcycle accident when she was still a teen, the guy died, and she was left with some serious injuries. Later in life she had other health problems that were serious. But she loved animals and was always so kind to them, taking in all orphans. Even a duck of ours which we raised from a baby but then couldn't take care of, and a raccoon. She had a very loving heart and it it sad that poor health robbed her of some of the good life she should have had. We are sorry she is gone.

Paige came over today with a monitor to check for heart problems, she just acted like a normal 8 year-old that gets to take a half day off school and spend it with her grandma. I loved spending that time with her and will continue to pray for her health, although right now it she does appear to be doing just fine. The monitor is only a precaution.

I am getting behind on posting my pictures and videos so keep checking, maybe this weekend I can get a few on. Also, I am reading Fiersom's Brood, I would like to read it from cover to cover in one day, but as it is, I think it might take me 3 days.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Prayer Needs

We are a family that believes in prayer, and today I have several prayer requests for you. Thank you family and thank you Father for caring for each and every one of us, no matter how small or large the need.

Sara Sarazen (17) had a tonsillectomy today and has post-op complications including low blood pressure and difficulty breathing 8 hours after surgery. Pray for healing and clearing up her lungs. Also strength and faith for the family to see them through a stressful time.

Paige has been experiencing heartburn and chest discomfort and is undergoing testing for tachycardia on Friday. Pray for her health and strength.

Linda (Murdock) Kemmerling had a heart attack and needs treatment for a mental disability as well. The family has been unable to deal with her mental illness because such patients are allowed to not take their medicine. Pray for healing.

I want you to know that I often pray for all of you, as I know my mother used to pray for me and others in our family. I am aware of things that each one of you is in need of prayer about, and just because you aren't mentioned today doesn't mean you aren't being prayed for. Thank you too for the prayers I know you say for us. Prayer works.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Unhappy piggy

The piggy above is made out of pills. That is why it is unhappy. Pills are expensive, have side effects, and have to be taken every day. The piggy above is made out of MY pills, that is one morning's worth. Okay, some of them are OTC, but still, there's Lisonipril, Metoprolol, Actos, Metformin, Glyburide, Hydrochlorothyazide, and .81 aspirin. There is also a Tums, fish oil capsule, and glucosamine chondroiton. Here is my advice: quit smoking, lose weight, exercise, and find a good gene pool to mate with so your offspring don't have to have an unhappy piggy in their life.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

First Day of the 2008 School Year in Grand Haven

Brandie looked pleased, ate an apple, and played a game on my phone. She said one of her teachers is like a Nazi or drill sergeant. Grace and Emily are on the same "team" so they will share some classes and teachers. Emily said the boys were terrible this year, she only liked the girls in her class, and some boy (or boys) said to her, "Nice clown outfit!" even though Emily looked great in her new school clothes. Hopefully, she will snub them at some future dance when they see how gorgeous and fabulous she really is. Grace came running in, "Grandma! Grandma! Brandie and I both like the same boy!" Which was certainly amazing since it was only the first day and there are so many much I am sure this will blow over.
Did I mention it was one of the hottest days yet!?
I wonder how the other grandkids did today. Look for an update as I plan on calling them. It was Hailie's first day of high school!!!!!

Not Exactly BFFs Yet

There has been a lot of hissing and growling and booty-whappin', and yet, there are beginning to be some very calm and pleasant moments, too. Abby and Smoochie actually play together now, even though they still have their cat-it-tude moods where they diss each other. Today they touched noses, got very close to each other, and chased each other playfully. We are happy!