Friday, November 09, 2007

Letting the Adults Out to Play

If you guessed Anna Nichole Smith, you are correct! Click to enlarge and you'll get the picture.
Okay, so it's the weekend after Halloween and we decided to get together and have a little costume party of the adults only kind. As you can see, Barb and Scott went for the punk look, at least I think that was a costume. Chris and Laura did a priest and Catholic school girl duo. They got some dirty looks at the convenience store they stopped at, I heard.

Ray and Cindy came as a colorful matched pair of piratey people, stunning our other guests by being the only ones to fit into store-bought costumes this year!

Ken, our favorite biker, showed up with ELVIS! Wow! I don't know where he dug him up, but other than being a little hoarse, "Elvis" was in great shape!

Ummm.....I'm not supposed to tell, about the ghoulish thing that showed up with a cardboard coffin full of edible body parts. Let's just say Val had the night off, and leave it at that!

We played a game called "What's My Line." If you click on the pictures of the game, you may be able to read the tags on the player's backs. We had a gynecologist, a proctologist, a pimp, ho, gigolo, and of course, a colostomy bag salesman. If they didn't guess their "line" they had to pay a penalty.

These are the people who didn't guess their lines. We opened the window, turned the speaker to the front yard, and the losers had to hoof it around the yard doing the bunny hop! Other than getting a little sidetracked by an overzealous and confused leader, they were good sports and embarassed themselves very well.

Little Miss Jamie was Anna Nichole Smith, and the more fuzzy navels I drank, the more she looked like the real thing. Especially when she danced and waved her body around. I myself dressed in a dress that made my butt look big. Really, really, big. I shook it and wiggled it all night long to the music, and at about midnight, it started to fall off. When Fritz got home (in spite of heroic efforts he could not get the night off) I let him see it, then shucked it off and threw it in the closet. Mike and Margie attended a special barbershop show prior to coming, so they didn't wear a costume, but they definitely had their party clothes on! OH, by the way, we all had a really great time! Lots of laughs, and it was great for all of us to get together and see each other again.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Pumpkin Pudding

Picture #1 shows the great pumpkins carved by the Wilson -Baldus family. Chris's tall pumpkin hovers over Brandie and Grace's on the left. Laura's graceful design is on the top step with Emily's bride of Frankenstein creation below. This is when they were freshly carved.
Picture #2 shows what happened a week later. Chris's grinning pumpkin collapsed and drooled pumpkin juice. The others softened and slowly melted down so that the scary faces looked even more insane. It was cool!

Candy Quest in Grand Haven

This year Laura and Chris invited us to spend Halloween at their house. As you can see, the kids once again outdid themselves with their costumes. From left to right, Emily as a medievel princess, Brandie as a red devil, Grace as a punk witch, her friend Molly as a medievel witch, and Chantze as a weird monster. In front, Brooke and Paige have adorable princess costumes. The candy haul was pretty good this year. I heard more than one kid felt a little too-much-candy nausea this year. Downstairs in Grace's bedroom, the big girls sort their booty.
The weather held out, there was only one sprinkle just before we went out. It couldn't have been a nicer Halloween. When we got done with our long walk, Laura and Chris provided plenty of snacks, including apple cider, donuts, crackers and cheese, and cookies.