Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Never A Dull Moment At The Lake

This is the partial lunar eclipse we saw down at Pere Marqette park on August 27, 2006.

The ship in the background is the Samuel de Champlain/Innovation. It was scheduled to dock today at 6:00 P.M. Unfortunately, the 1,000 footer, the American Integrity, got there first and ran aground, corking the entrance to the channel like a cork in a bottle. After about an hour, the American Integrity wiggled free, but backed off to let the other ship, a 544 footer, go in first. This is the second time a ship has run aground in the same place. The Corps of Engineers will only dredge once every three years, and the entrance to the port of Muskegon isn't due until next year. Lower lake levels have caused a number of problems for the big freighters this year.
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Monday, September 03, 2007

A Time of Remembrance For Our Mother

Montague Township Hall, August 25, 3 days after what would have been my Mom's 75th birthday.
We gathered together with friends and relatives to honor and remember our Mother, who died September 22, 2006, in Tulsa.
Tributes were made by family members who spoke about her and sang songs. The tables were decorated with her favorite things, like roses and lighthouses and seashells. Some of her favorite foods were served. We played her music, played a DVD of her life in pictures, and released balloons in the air that contained messages from us all. It was a truly meaningful and heartfelt way to say our goodbyes and remember how much she meant to us all. She will always be in our hearts, close, until we meet her again beyond the rainbow.

Friends of a Lifetime

I have known Debbie and Lyda (and their older sister Linda, not shown) since I think about the age of 10 or 11. We have been friends ever since, even though separated for over 2 decades. This summer the 3 sisters came up to visit and although I could write reams about how much I enjoyed their visit, suffice it to say that those bonds made in childhood not only stood the test of time but are even stronger than before. To know them is a privilege, they are all special each in their own ways. This first summer without my mother coming up to visit was happier and even comforting because I got to see the Redding girls.

Future Rock Stars?

When Ray and Cindy went on their 1oth anniversary vacation to Mackinac Island, Brooke and Paige stayed at my house. We went to hear Aunt Valerie sing at the Foxfest in Lakewood. I think they liked being on stage! Watch out Mom and Dad....it's in their genes.

Risque, Naughty, Homewrecker Bathing Suit

Okay people, this is the bathing suit that was commented on by a woman whose husband and children were in the hotel pool at the same time as Jamie. This was in Escanaba. She was overheard to say that kind of suit should not be allowed in a family pool! Take a good look. IT WAS GRANDMA LARSON'S bathing suit!!!!