Sunday, May 28, 2006

A Great Dance Recital

Two adorable dancers! Grace and Emily have been taking a hip-hop class the past few weeks after school. On Friday, May 26, Laura, Chris, and I got to see them dance at their recital and it was so much fun to see them and their dyn0-cool moves! The close-ups were taken right after the instructors put their make-up on and corn-rowed their hair. The individual pictures were taken when each dancer got to step out of the dance line and perform a few seconds. In spite of being a little nervous, the girls all performed well to the DMC hit "RUN IT". The moves were fun to watch! There was no way you could resist a huge smile when you saw these girls hip-hopping to a tantalizing beat, and I am hoping they will remember the moves for a long time, because I want to see it again and again!

Friday, May 26, 2006

We had such a good time! First dinner at Finley's where Val, Mike, Tammy, Ken, LuWanna, Michelle, her boyfriend Chris, and Michael joined us. The food was good, although poor Jamie got a spoiled drink mix in her dinner drink and had to send it back. Val and the kids left, and the rest of us went to MiBar where we got to hear the vocal and guitar stylings of Steve Maycroft and Mike Furbush. Mike skipped the whole last set, but that's okay, Steve can carry a set by himself, he even played some special songs for Jamie, including Sweet Home Chicago and it was hot! Roo showed up and Mike was in rare, I mean RARE form. As these pictures show, things got a little crazy! The only bad thing is, the birthday girl has to be up and at 'em pretty early as acting manager. So I am keeping a low profile Friday because SOMEBODY might be not feeling overly bright and cheery! Mike gets the day off so he has a rare occasion where he can sleep in. As for me, I will be getting ready for the big do on Saturday, although I am taking a couple hours off to see Grace and Em dance at their dance recital, so two more big days coming up. Keep watching for more pictures. And don't forget to click on them to enlarge them.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Watch this space!

Okay, get ready, it's the annual Jamie party, and a few of us are meeting at a restaurant to celebrate. Then we'll be going out to hear music. Then on Saturday, a huge Mexican feast! So hopefully I'll have a few pictures by then.
Meanwhile, today I was parked in my favorite lakeside spot reading the paper and waiting to see if the Lake Express would be in on time. I glanced up from my paper, and out of the mist, looking for all the world like a gi-normous ghost ship, came the Wilfred Sykes shrouded in fog, appearing as suddenly as a spirit, and just as eerie. And right on its heels...the Lake Express with my bro in his red jacket and a big grin on his face! A fun day already, although it will be a long one.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Smiles, Service, and Cell Phones

The smiling face of someone who really wants to wait on people...who is knowledgeable about the product and services...who will go out of her way to help you...Jamie at Cellular One! Already have a contract with another company? Well, while you are thinking about switching to the company Jamie works for, consider this: they also sell accessories for your cell phone, such as cords, adaptors, chargers, cute little covers, and stuff like that. Heck, just go in and see how everyone's outfits match! But hurry, they will only be at their present location for awhile. They will be moving out to the mall someday. Anyway, isn't she adorable? How can you resist?


Sunday, May 21, 2006

There's a New Grill In Town!

This is Bryan, our friend. He got a new grill and invited us over to show us how great it is. But he hates having his picture taken! So I snapped this when he was turned away. Pam invited some other people over and put out a picnic table feast, the first of the season. It was just as good as you think it was. One of the few grilled burgers I've ever had that was juicy and yet done. With a really good flavor. And those caramel brownies sure topped it off! There was a fire in the background you don't see. But turns out it was needed as the wind we experienced seeing Mike off only turned colder and stronger. Hmm...maybe this first cookout will bring the heat. Don't forget to scroll down and see Mike off.

The picture below is the Lake Express heading west to Milwaukee through the Muskegon Channel.

Today was bright, but windy and very cold. After having brunch with Mike, William, Michelle and Chris, Fritz and I tooled down to the channel at Pere Marquette to see Mike off to Wisconsin. That's him on the Lake Express high-speed catamaran, in a red jacket. Wave!!! He did the Titanic pose thing to amuse us. The wind had really picked up and even the channel was getting ruffly waves. Later Mike told us it was a rough crossing. Shortn' Sweet asked him if he puked, and his answer was "HELL NO."

This picture to the left was taken as we were driving toward the channel opening. There is a large woodsy hollow surrounded by roads, a natural area seldom bothered by bathers or tourists. We saw 4 deer go bounding into the bowl-shaped hiding place. Naturally I had to climb the bank and get a shot or two. There are 3 deer in the picture, click on it and it will enlarge.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Who is this little blonde tottie? If you guess right, you may come to a special dinner for her on the 27th of May!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Field Trips

Here is a confession.
I almost hyperventilate when I go to do something I have volunteered for. Like field trips. Don't ask me why. I get extreme anxiety...what if I get lost, or there isn't a bathroom (I take dirutics) or I go to the wrong door, or sneeze unexpectedly and don't have a tissue...!!?? The list goes on and on. I know it's stupid but there it is. So why do I do it? Field trips are a blast! The kids love them, the teachers appreciate you, it's a chance to spend time with a kid you think the world of, you get to meet the stars and the brats in the class, and get an idea of the forces shaping our kids every day. It's worth it! One more thing: there are some types of class trips that do not lend themselves to good supervising. Such as the recent Meier Gardens trip with Emily's class. The kids scattered in every direction. I ran into many puffing, panting parent/supervisors looking for kids who ran ahead and disappeared. I was glad I was there with Emily.
The gardens were lush and beautiful. A favorite was the rain forest, with the sound of waterfalls, and where hundreds of butterflies fluttered and landed on the visitors. The kids also loved the Great Lakes display, where they got to sail little boats in water that got them all wet enough to shiver on the way home! The kid's area has a maze and labyrinth, with many sculptures and displays, like the table drums Emily and Brooklynn had fun with. Lunch on the lawn back at school meant a circle of friends for Emily, most of whom ended up giving her treats she didn't even have time to eat because yakking was so fun! And hey Chris, thanks for the lettuce sandwich, she ate the whole thing!
The picture of Grace is in an 1800's costume for a field trip to a one-room schoolhouse. I would have loved to go on that trip but parents weren't allowed.
Grace's grandmother Wilson loaned her the outfit. The picture doesn't show that it was pink and real gingham, just like the pioneers sometimes wore. And the hat was skillfully made with very small stitches. The shawl is store-bought, but she needed something because it was a cool day, and it was much more appropriate than the jackets some kids had to wear. I saw a few boys that had their jeans tucked into boots and plaid shirts. They had to pack cold lunches with things like biscuits and apples, hard-boiled eggs, fried chicken, etc. It all made for a fun and educational day.
I have gone with Grace on a few field trips, once to the lighthouse on the Whitehall side, and I was one of a few that was allowed to ring the bell. Now that was a thrill! To the girls: thanks for inviting me! And thanks to the teachers who let the parents hog some of the fun, and thanks to the parents who would've liked to take the day off work but didn't so I could got to go instead.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Thanks, Mom

Today is Mother's Day and I would like to thank my mother for the way she cares about all of us. She always worries about us, makes sure she keeps in touch so she knows what is going on in our lives, and I know she prays for us because sometimes things work out so well, I know it's God working in my life, and I know it wasn't ME who prayed about it! When we were young, my Mom went to work to support us on a waitress's wages and tips. Once she put all her tips in a little metal safe, and finally was able to buy a new car. There were five of us kids and a sick husband. When he died, she went to work in a shop, and kept things together the best she could. We have grown up with her influence still shaping us in many ways, and it is most obvious in the way we love and take care of our own children. I could write lots more but I just really wanted to say THANKS for everything, and we do appreciate you very much!
I also want to say that my three children and grandchildren treated me very well when we had our Mother's day get-together. There were cards, gifts, hugs, a nice dinner, and they let me win at Balderdash. When we took Jamie to the airport we had a lovely brunch at the Brownstone and Jamie helped pay for it...I told her this already today but want to say this so all can read it: It always seems weird to me to have my kids thank me on Mother's Day. Because my kids have given me so much happiness, pride, and pleasure throughout the years that I feel like I should be thanking them more than they thank me. I honestly don't know what I would have done without them. I thought having kids was the greatest thing in the world. Not that it wasn't very hard at times, but it has always made me happy they are in the world. And now, grandkids!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Little Early For Surfing

So today I was sitting in my van at the beach, and this truck drives up and parks behind me. In the rain-spattered rear view mirror, I see the passenger is a dude and he is stripping off his clothes. Under normal circumstances this would be cause for alarm, but considering it is a raw, wet, cold day at the beach with the wind spitting sand, it could be nothing other than a wind surfer changing into his wetsuit. I've seen it before. How cold was it? Well, he no sooner got his surf board out then he ran and hopped into the cab of the truck, screaming, "IT'S COLD!" Nevertheless, he and his pal not only attempted to surf, but they also dragged out a kayak that never got beyond the first couple waves. If you live near the beach like we do, you know it's a given that the worst possible weather will bring out the foolhardiest young'uns. Can't help but somewhat admire them, but it makes me glad my son took up writing.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Something To Talk About

Everyone has been telling me to start a blog. Okay, so here it is. I have some pictures I am ANXIOUS to publish and share! However, I am new to this so be may take me awhile to get the hang of it. S&S said she would help but she is working a lot of hours (see and she is now sleeping so I am on my own.
The picture I am first posting is my granddaughter Grace. The puzzle she is holding is called Delta, and is one of a series of puzzles that was part of a competition in which there was a million dollar prize. Well, I got my puzzle as a Christmas exchange gift from one of my mean cousins way too late to compete. However, we have had a blast trying to solve it. I am proud to say that after some eight or so years of many family members and friends trying, Grace finally solved it one day after school. Grace is the kind of kid who will keep trying if she can't do something. So I am giving her props today. Congratulations, Grace.'d ya do it?!