Sunday, October 04, 2009

Parent's Day at School

While Laura is recovering from her illness, I have been trying to help out by filling in whenever possible. On September 30, I got to spend a half day with Emily at her school and took these pictures for Laura. From the cafeteria to the convection experiment in the science lab, from homeroom to choir, I got to enjoy being a "student" for a day, and even took a geography test. It was fun! Emily has some fun friends and classes. I bet Laura would have done a lot better than me on the social studies test, though!

Video Night Smackdown

Was it the horror movies? Or the $20.00 worth of sugary and salty snacks? Or maybe just the chained heat of 5 teens and one tween sitting still for several hours? Whatever the cause, this match was only one of several that Saturday night in September!